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How We Got Here

Marc-Down Entertainment is a retailer of trading cards, sports memoribilia, movies, music, comics, collectibles, and more entertainment related items. Starting out in the flea markets of central Jersey, we founded Marc-Down Entertainment, LLC in 2006 and sent tens of thousands CDs, DVDs, and video games across the world selling on platforms such as, eBay and Amazon. In 2009, we added trading cards to our assortment and they have grown to be our top seller. From April 2014 to September 2015 we ran a brick-and-mortar store in Barnegat, NJ and while outside circumstances kept that from going further it inspired the business model we are using today. In May of 2015 we began to run online trading card breaks promoted through Facebook and have gotten them to the point where this page has not only become a reality, but a necessity.  Late in 2016, the decision was made that we were going to make this a full time operation and we immediately grew to the point where we increased our selection, expanded beyond just baseball and football breaks and improved our technological capabilities. I am so grateful to all those who have helped us grow to this point, my beautiful family who has put up with all the quirks of this business, and an amazing God who continues to bless us every step of the way.

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