$10,000 in credit to be issued to kick off 2021 if we average one qualifying break per day in 2020

$10,000 CHALLENGE!  As announced during our first break of 2020, Marc-Down Entertainment is bringing back the $10,000 challenge!  All we need to do is have ONE qualifying break per day on AVERAGE for the whole year - 365 total.  The breakdown on the prizes will be determined in the near future, but in total will add up to $10k in group break credit if we hit the goal.
  A qualifying break will generally be a half case (or more) or a mixer having 6+ boxes.  Larger breaks may be designated as counting as two for the promotion.  Spots in each qualifying break will count as an entry and at the end of the year prizes would be determined by random.  Feel free to help us get the word out by sharing this, those who are more involved in our breaks throughout the whole year will have more entries and a better chance to win.  Happy New Year!

Here are our current breaks: https://www.facebook.com/183243941705925/posts/2912988325398126/


Where can you join the breaks at Marc-Down Entertainment?

Check out all our group breaks on the Marc-Down Entertainment page on Facebook.  We are generally filling 10-25 breaks at a time off of our Facebook page as well as offering boxes/personal breaks for sale.

Sample break off our YouTube channel

July 12, 2025


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